Algorithmic Justice: Bias in Code, Bias in Society

Algorithmic Justice: Bias in Code, Bias in Society


  • Dr. Ammar Jan Assistant Professor of Political Economy University of Peshawar


algorithmic bias, social bias, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data, fairness, equity, accountability, algorithmic justice


The increasing reliance on algorithms in decision-making across a range of societal domains raises concerns about algorithmic bias. This article explores the intricate relationship between bias in code and bias in society, arguing that algorithms not only reflect but also amplify existing societal inequalities. It examines common sources of algorithmic bias, the diverse consequences it produces, and potential strategies for promoting algorithmic justice. The article concludes by emphasizing the need for collaborative efforts from researchers, policymakers, and industry actors to ensure that algorithms are developed and deployed in a fair, equitable, and accountable manner.




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